Woman Accused Of Forging Numerous Checks Arrested

A fraud suspect who apparently gave Anderson Police the slip has been taken into custody. 28-year-old Rachell Charlie Landis of Cottonwood has been under investigation in a fraud and theft case involving multiple Tri-Counties Bank branches. Detectives say she forged numerous stolen checks and deposited them into other peoples’ Tri-Counties Bank checking accounts, then immediately withdrew the money, leaving the accounts high and dry. It’s not known how many thousands of dollars she may have gained in the scheme. The APD says she cooperated with them and admitted to the crimes, so they allowed her to remain free until an arrest warrant was issued, at which time she could turn herself in at the jail. The warrant was issued on Thursday, instructing her to arrive at the jail Saturday. She didn’t show up and Anderson Police put the word out that they were looking for her. On Monday Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Landis at a home in Cottonwood.


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