Two Men From Arkansas Arrested After Pot Robbery

There once was a day when a marijuana robbery would go unreported, with the victim fearing for their own legal trouble. On Tuesday night a couple of alleged thieves learned that times have changed. At 9 O’clock 30-year-old Adam Millner of Oak Run called 9-1-1 from inside the Power Mart at Lake Boulevard and Oasis Road to report he had been robbed and needed medical help. He said he had arranged to sell 15 pounds of marijuana to two men from Arkansas, 27-year-old Deangelo Patton and 29-year-old Brandon Baker. The men had apparently come to California to buy marijuana and take it home to make a profit, but they ran out of money and turned to robbery. They met Millner at the convenience store and allegedly stole the pot and Millner’s cell phone. Millner tried to stop them by climbing into their car but he was pushed out as it drove away, causing injuries to his feet, arms and hands. One of the robbers ran away on foot while the car fled on Lake Boulevard. Officers looked at surveillance video of the incident and soon located the car in the parking lot of McDonald’s, with Patton in the driver’s seat. Also in the car were two female witnesses, who cooperated, along with the stolen pot and a loaded handgun, according to police. Baker was found on July Way. Both men were booked into jail for robbery, conspiracy and other charges.


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