Woman Reportedly Starts Fire Inside Anderson Fire Hall

A woman reportedly started an arson fire inside the Anderson Fire Department Wednesday afternoon. Anderson Police were called at around 2 O’clock to a home on Brigman Street for a woman causing a disturbance, but she had already walked away when they got there. Officers were then called to the fire department and when they arrived they found the building full of smoke and an alarm going off. An officer went to the back of the station and found a fire with 2 and a half foot flames on top of a stove in the kitchen. He then went into the sleeping quarters, where 42-year-old Fleur McPike was laying on a bed screaming incoherently. She reportedly threw a set of keys at officers, and she was tased before a struggle and eventually taken into custody. As she was being placed in a patrol car she reportedly spit in an officer’s face. Apparently the incident began when McPike walked into the fire department yelling obscenities at the secretary, then threw a ceramic coffee mug across the room at her, nearly hitting her face. As the secretary called for help, McPike reportedly went into a restricted area and gathered some items, including a firefighter uniform, placed them on the kitchen stove and lit them on fire. She also is accused of breaking multiple things, including several computers and a television. McPike was evaluated by paramedics and then booked into jail on several charges.


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