The Latest: South Fire Grows To 1200 Acres

Numerous lightning strikes that hit the Northstate led to firefighters scrambling Thursday morning to identify the many resulting fires. The National Weather Service Office in Sacramento detected thousands of strikes in Northern California in the 24 hours ending at 8AM Thursday, mainly in the foothills and mountains. The Shasta-Trinity Unit of the U.S. Forest Service reported more than 150 lightning strikes in their management area and they’ve identified at least 19 new fires, many in very remote areas. One of the biggest Forest Service fires is the South Fire, burning 1200 acres to the southwest of the Red Bank Fire. In the Klamath Unit, 38 lightning fires have been found, ranging in size from a single tree to around 40 acres. In the Modoc Unit the largest of the 17 fires is the Lone Fire near Pyramid Lake. It’s burned 2,592 acres with no containment. Reconnaissance flights are actively trying to find more smoke columns.


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