Canadian Murder Suspect Caught By SWAT Team In Butte County

The capture of a Canadian murder suspect in Butte County led to a huge drug seizure. On Friday, the U.S. Marshal’s Office asked the Butte County Sheriff’s Department for help in locating and capturing 28-year-old Brandon Teixeira, who was wanted for homicide in British Columbia. Federal officials believed that Texeira was in the Oroville area and Butte County detectives determined that he was staying at a home on Weedy Way. On Saturday a search warrant was obtained for the home, and detectives started watching the place. On Sunday detectives made their move, assisted by SWAT Teams from the Butte and Tehama County Sheriff’s Departments and Chico Police. After announcing their presence, officers waited for Texeira to come out, and after few minutes he emerged along with the home’s resident, 30-year-old Jeff Guerrier. They weren’t coming out to surrender, though. They got into a pickup and Texeira used it to ram an armored vehicle, then backed up quickly to try and escape. A second armored vehicle was used to disable the pickup. Texeira got out but still didn’t give up, so a K9 was used to take him down. He was given medical treatment, then taken into custody by federal marshals pending extradition. While searching the home, deputies found an astounding 26 pounds of Heroin, along with over a thousand Oxycontin and Percocet pills and around 40 Pounds of Marijuana hanging up to dry. Guerrier will be charged for the drugs, and for harboring a fugitive.


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