Dugan Barr Passes Away At 77-Years-Old

Highly effective attorneys have their supporters and inevitably a few enemies, and such was the case with a man who could be called an icon of the Redding legal community. Dugan Barr has passed away. He died Friday night at the age of 77. Barr was born and raised in Yreka, the son of a Superior Court Judge. Given that relationship, he felt he couldn’t practice law in Siskiyou County, so he worked for a Redding firm before opening his own office in 1973. Most of his practice was in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death, handling more than 200 civil jury cases. From plane crashes to professional malpractice, Barr had an astounding success rate that earned him many awards and accolades from his peers. One of Barr’s most high profile cases was against tenet healthcare for unnecessary open heart surgery. With nearly 800 plaintiffs, the hospital chain settled for $395 million and the four doctors settled for $24 Million. Barr was known to take a number of cases pro bono or at a deep discount, and he also was known to follow up with his clients for years after cases were over to check on their well being. He leaves behind a wife, three daughters and a son.


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