Man Arrested After Reportedly Firing Shotgun In Downtown Weaverville

A man from Mendocino County has been booked on a number of charges for allegedly firing a shotgun in Downtown Weaverville in the wee hours over the weekend. At 4 O’clock Sunday morning Trinity County Sheriff’s Deputies and CHP Officers responded to reports of gunfire and found 42-year-old Julian Ascher of Little River pointing a shotgun at another man at the corner of Highway 299 and Court Street. He was ordered to drop the gun, which he did. He reportedly admitted to firing the gun into the air, saying that he didn’t know the man he had at gunpoint, but that he had been acting suspiciously. The other man had apparently been walking home from a party. Ascher, who had been visiting Weaverville and staying in a motel, was arrested for brandishing, discharging a gun in a grossly negligent manner, disturbing the peace, false imprisonment, criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon.


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