Inaugural “Sundial Riffle Raffle” Raises Over 124K

When Redding East Rotary stopped holding the Ducky Derby, there was some skepticism about the success of it’s replacement, but a lot of money was still raised. After 29 years of dumping floating ducks into the Sacramento River, the “Sundial Riffle Raffle”, held last Fall, brought in just over 124-Thousand Dollars, about 76% of the last derby. The Rotary Club made the decision to switch to a virtual event because of the costs involved in renting the ducks and the large commitment of time by volunteers. Event Chairman Marge Beck was happy with the first time effort and said they’ll do it again this Fall. In the past 30 years, more than 5-Million Dollars was raised for the goals of substance abuse prevention and youth development. Almost all of the tickets are sold by students at local schools. The money raised goes back to the individual schools, which decide how to spend it. The students who raised the most this time attend Turtle Bay School, with a total just over $4,000 collected. Mistletoe and Boulder Creek were in 2nd and 3rd place. The date for this year’s event hasn’t been announced, but a larger grand prize was announced at the awards ceremony Wednesday. One lucky person will receive $20,000 or a new car from S.J. Denham or Taylor Motors.


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