Preschool Children Raise Money For Classmate Suffering From Brain Tumor

There are a lot of people pulling for young Jasper Mazzocco to make it through, including a resolute group of his preschool classmates. 4-year-old Jasper has a very large and currently inoperable brain tumor, and two spots on his spine that are likely cancer. Jasper is at the U.C. Davis Children’s Pediatric I.C.U., where he’s been getting chemotherapy in hopes that it will allow doctors to remove the tumor. His family is hoping beyond hope that Jasper’s condition improves. A GoFundMe account has been set up for him, and so far it’s raised more than $33,000. On Friday Jasper’s classmates from Redding Cooperative Preschool held a fundraiser selling hot cocoa at a stand outside Trader Joe’s in Redding. The youngsters pulled in over $10,000 for Jasper’s cause. Jasper’s mother says the fundraising has allowed his family to remain at his side giving him love and support through his ordeal.


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