Spray Painted U-Haul Pickup Leads To Arrests In East Redding

A bad paint job led to the arrests of two men Tuesday night in Redding. An RPD Officer came upon a U-Haul rented pickup truck at the Enterprise Car Wash on Hartnell that appeared to have been spray painted white, and not very well. Suspecting the truck was stolen, the officer spoke to the two occupants, 45-year-old Eric Schornsten and 33-year-old Kyle Britton. Schornsten is on probation, so he and the truck were searched. Officer’s reported finding almost an ounce of Methamphetamine on Schornsten,and 1.7 grams of heroin in the truck, along with a meth pipe, a large amount of manual and electric cutting tools, masks, gloves, tow hitches, white spray cans, and license plates that go to another pickup registered to Shasta County. Both men were booked into jail on various charges.


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