Well Known Cannabis Advocate Passes Away At 73-Years-Old

A legend in the field of cannabis, who once was imprisoned after proudly showing off his field of cannabis, has passed away in a Redding hospital. The Trinity Journal says B.E. Smith died January 6th of complications of a femoral artery bypass. The 73-year-old man from Denny believed that change could be forced through acts of civil disobedience, and he knew his rights well enough that law enforcement agencies were very hesitant to go after him. After California legalized medical marijuana smith announced his garden to the Trinity County Board of Supervisors and invited the sheriff to check it out. He didn’t invite federal agents, but they showed up just before harvest time in 1997 and Smith was tried in federal court for his 87 plant grow. The judge forbade any mention of medical marijuana and the only defense witnesses allowed were character witnesses. One of them was Woody Harrelson, who almost got himself arrested for contempt. Smith ended up with a 27 month federal prison sentence, saying that if someone had to go to jail to test Prop 215, it may as well be him. Smith’s daughter-in-law told the Journal that B.E. served in Vietnam and suffered from P.T.S.d., which he tried to numb with alcohol but later replaced with marijuana.


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