3 Sentenced For Traffic Stop Where Guns & Drugs Were Found

Three people have been sentenced for a bust by Corning Police that all started by failing to keep their cool. An officer stopped at a Shell Station in Corning and walked into the convenience store, where he saw Silver Garcia, Kevin Ramos and Darian Morgan. One of the men started acting very strangely as soon as he saw the police officer, and that drew the officer’s suspicion. He waited for the men to get in their car and pull onto the road, and then pulled them over for not having a front license plate. All three were acting very nervously and a back up officer noticed a gun case in plain view. The officers got Silver Garcia, the driver, to consent to a search and a gun was found. That’s when Garcia took off running, but he was quickly caught and the car was searched more. Officers found a short barreled semi-automatic rifle with loaded magazines, a loaded semi-auto pistol, Methamphetamine and a digital scale with Meth and Heroin residue. Morgan has been sentenced to 6 months in jail, Ramos got 240 days, and Garcia has gotten a state prison sentence of 7 years.


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