Trinity County Officials: Avoid Unnecessary Travel To Avoid Spreading Virus

There are no Coronavirus cases confirmed yet in Trinity County, and they’re asking outsiders to stay away. The county health officer has issued an order asking non-residents not to enter Trinity County. The order also mandates that the many people who have vacation homes in Trinity County must, upon arrival, self quarantine for at least two weeks before venturing beyond their property, except for essential needs

Shasta County still has had only 3 people test positive for COVID-19, including the woman in her 70’s who died Tuesday and the man in his 40’s who had close personal contact with her. He remains in isolation at home. Shasta County Public Health has processed 99 tests that showed negative. Siskiyou County has three confirmed Coronavirus patients and Butte County has five. Humboldt County now has ten.

More than 69,000 people in the United States now have the virus, and there have been more than a thousand deaths.


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