Cottonwood Men Found After Ill-Fated Trek In Lassen County

Two men who were missing from their Cottonwood homes have been found in Lassen County, and one of them is dead. Mark Bailey and Charles Reifert were reported missing March 21st by a friend who hadn’t seen them since March 13th. The friend suspected they might have gone to a cabin at an unknown location near Susanville. Lassen County Sheriff’s Deputies and CHP Officers searched the area between Westwood and Susanville but found nothing. On Thursday Mark Bailey showed up at the Westwood Dollar General and called his brother, Scott Bailey, to come pick him up. Scott called the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office and a deputy went to talk to Mark. He said he and Charles Reifert had driven on Moonlight Road toward a cabin owned by a family friend, but they got stuck in the snow on the way, so they walked the last 200 yards to the cabin. More snow fell and they became snowbound. Mark awoke one morning to find that Charles had taken his dogs and left in the middle of the night. 10 days later Mark left on foot, eventually getting picked up by a stranger and driven to Westwood. A search began for Charles Reifert by Lassen County Search and Rescue and several other agencies. His body was found Friday, and one of his dogs was found alive. The investigation continues.


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