47 Prisoners Set To Return To Shasta County

Some familiar faces to local law enforcement will be back in town earlier than expected, and some others are staying in the local lockup longer than planned, according to the Shasta County Probation Department. To help prevent Coronavirus spread, an executive order from the Governor is delaying the transfer of adult and juvenile inmates out of local jails and juvenile halls to the state-run prisons and youth facilities. The order stands for 30 days and then they can be transitioned to reception centers for 14 days of quarantine before going to the big house. Also, on March 31st the state Department of Corrections announced a plan to begin early releases for inmates within 60 days of the end of their terms, except for crimes defined as violent, sex crimes, and domestic violence. For Shasta County, that means the release of 39 additional prisoners to begin post release community supervision. That will bring a total of 47 new PRCS convicts arriving before June first. The Probation Department, which will assume responsibility for them, says as of Tuesday none of them have arrived yet


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