Officers Arrest Alleged Car Thief Near Shasta Regional

An alleged thief was caught Tuesday morning in the midst of a crime spree. At 6:45AM a resident of Court Street had his car warming up in his driveway as he was getting ready to go to his grocery store job. When he left the car unattended, it was stolen. A half hour later, at 7:15AM, someone reported a vehicle being broken into on Liberty Street behind Shasta Regional Medical Center. The witness described the car the thief was using to escape, and it matched the description of the previously stolen car. An officer got there quickly and saw the car, seeing that it was in fact the same stolen car. The driver pulled into the Shasta Regional parking lot, then fled on foot westward across East Street and through a business complex. Other officers intercepted 27-year-old Jordan Ericsson at Pine and Butte Streets. Ericsson, who has had multiple arrests and is well known to the RPD, reportedly had stolen items and Methamphetamine in his backpack, which he had left in the car. He was booked into jail on several charges.


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