Sheriff: Jail Bookings Down 30% Compared To Last Year

Although the State Department of Corrections is not accepting transfers from local jails for 30 days, there’s no backup at the Shasta County Jail. Jail bookings are way down, with calls for service to the Sheriff’s Office reduced by 30% from the same time last year. Sheriff Eric Magrini said Wednesday that the jail is currently only at about 77% capacity. At the end of the moratorium, inmates bound for prison will be transitioned to reception centers for 14 days of quarantine before going to the big house. Meanwhile, the Probation Department is bracing for the early arrival of 39 additional convicts as the State Department of Corrections says it will release inmates within 60 days of the end of their terms, except for certain heinous crimes. The Probation Department announced Wednesday that they are assuming the enforcement role in making sure that non-essential businesses are not open.


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