Online Meeting On Fishing Restrictions Delayed By Angry Anglers

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – A teleconference Thursday with California regulators to discuss a potential limited ban on freshwater sport fishing amid the Coronavirus pandemic was canceled after it descended into chaos. Some attendees called officials fascists. The state’s Fish and Game commissioners were supposed to discuss potential fishing limits to fishing in some rural areas amid concerns by local officials that visiting anglers might spread the virus. The meeting was overwhelmed by more than 500 participants. Many mistakenly believed the commission might cancel the state’s entire fishing season. Shasta County Sheriff Eric Magrini sent a letter to the commission urging them not to tamper with the fishing season, arguing that people need outdoor recreational activities for physical and mental well being. He also says it’s impossible to differentiate between recreational fishing and angling for sustenance. Magrini also points out that our local communities are generally responsible and outdoor activities lend themselves well to social distancing. In a statement Thursday night the head of the commission said they were appreciative of the passion they heard and the meeting will be rescheduled for next week, though they have not yet announced when or on what platform.


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