Update: California Allows Some Freshwater Fishing Bans Over Virus

LOS ANGELES (AP) – California regulators have voted to allow temporary limits on fishing in some rural communities where officials are concerned out-of-towners could spread the coronavirus to residents. Opening day of trout season is celebrated among anglers as “fishmas” and draws thousands of people to the eastern Sierra. This year it’s set for April 25. But fears over COVID-19 led the counties of Alpine, Inyo and Mono to urge regulators to postpone the unofficial holiday for their rivers, streams and lakes. Shasta County Sheriff Eric Magrini sent a letter to the commission last week urging them not to tamper with the fishing season, arguing that people need outdoor recreational activities for physical and mental well being. He also says it’s impossible to differentiate between recreational fishing and angling for sustenance. About 1 million licensed anglers regularly fish California’s waterways, making it one of the most active U.S. fishing states.


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