Man Sentenced To Prison For High Speed Chase

A man who led Tehama County Deputies and CHP Officers on a high speed chase has been sentenced to prison. 35-year-old Michael Anderson was pulled over by a deputy on February 22nd after the deputy had to swerve to avoid a collision when Anderson pulled in front of him as he made a dangerous turn. As the deputy spoke to Anderson he saw a large knife in the center console of the car and Anderson was being uncooperative so the deputy told him to get out of the car. Anderson refused, so the deputy opened the door and was reaching in to pull Anderson out when Anderson put the pedal to the metal, nearly dragging the deputy under the wheels of the car as he sped away. During the ensuing chase, Anderson drove over 100 miles an hour, sometimes in the opposing lanes. He caused one driver to crash into a bridge railing to avoid a collision. Anderson made it to Chico, where he quickly changed his clothes. He was tracked down, though, and tried to convince officers that he was somebody else. He eventually admitted that he was on heroin. Anderson has been sentenced to 3 years 8 months in state prison.


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