Two Arrested After Man Fires Shotgun Through His Front Door

A Redding man and his wife were both arrested overnight after he fired multiple shotgun rounds through his own front door. Just after Midnight Redding Police were called on a report of shots fired at an apartment on Lanning Avenue. When officers arrived, 30-year-old Nicholas Dillon Hall was standing next to his car in the middle of the street with his hands in the air. While officers were detaining him, his wife, 28-year-old Victoria Mullersistrunk, apparently began interfering and removing things from the car. She was also detained. Inside the apartment officers reported finding three young children, three loaded guns, and what appeared to be Methamphetamine spilling from a bag onto the floor. The story was then gathered from Hall and witnesses, including the oldest child, an 8-year-old who told police about watching his dad fire a shotgun through the front door. Hall said he had seen someone outside and fired four rounds through the door from the inside in defense. A prowler was arrested a few nights ago just around the corner on State Street, but it’s not known if hall was on edge because of that. He and Mullersistrunk were booked into jail. The kids were turned over to county children’s services.


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