Local Committee Will Guide Area Through Reopening Process

The future remains very unclear as seen through the lens provided by the local incident command team. A “Roadmap to Recovery Advisory Committee” comprised various county officials will be guiding the community through the long term restrictions imposed on our everyday lives and livelihood. The current set of rules are considered “phase one”, and the committee is awaiting guidance from the Governor’s Office for when we may move into phase two. That would last a period of 12 to 18 months, according to County Health Officer Doctor Karen Ramstrom, who says it depends on how long it takes to develop a vaccine or treatment that can provide universal Covid immunity for the public. As for what phase two would look like, that’s the big unknown, and nobody at this point seems able to provide solid answers. Dr. Ramstrom says some forms of social distancing will still be required during phase two, but she does not know how strict that would be in terms of public gatherings such as the Shasta District Fair, Shasta County’s next big event, which is still scheduled for late June.


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