4:30PM Wednesday: No Changes In Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19

Shasta County has had no new Coronavirus cases since last Thursday. There have been 26 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Shasta County. Three people have died from the virus and 19 have recovered. There are four people still sick, one of them hospitalized. 1082 COVID tests in Shasta County have shown negative results. A dozen people are currently under quarantine orders due to possible exposure.

Other Northstate counties have also had a break in new cases. Tehama County’s only confirmed Coronavirus patient has died. Butte County has had 16 cases, with 3 still active. Siskiyou County has 5, but all have recovered. Glenn County has had 4, with just one still active. There have been 52 cases in Humboldt County, where they will begin requiring everyone to wear masks in public. There are still none reported in Trinity, Lassen or Modoc Counties.


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