Turlock Man Arrested After Chase In Stolen Car

When the driver of a stolen car thought he got away from Red Bluff Police in a high speed chase on city streets, he probably didn’t know they could easily track him. At 1:30PM Thursday afternoon an officer with a Lojack receiver got an alert on a stolen 2014 Ford Mustang south of Oak Street. A minute later he found the car at the Raley’s shopping center and followed it northbound onto South Main Street. The Mustang driver kept speeding up to leave the police behind until he reached 100 miles an hour at Diamond Avenue. That’s when the pursuit was terminated for public safety. The car was still being tracked through the Lojack as it went east on Antelope, where a Tehama County Deputy chased it briefly. Moments later someone called 9-1-1 to report a Mustang had crashed into a shed on Dale Avenue. Officers from several agencies swarmed the area and found 22-year-old Larry Edward Scott of Turlock hiding in some bushes, and he was arrested. The Mustang had been stolen from Modesto.


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