RPD: 3 Arrested After Breaking Into Goodwill Store

Three people were arrested Monday morning after reportedly breaking into the Goodwill Store on Hilltop Drive. Police were called at about 4:40AM after an off site security company spotted the three inside the shuttered business on a security camera. Officers headed to the store and quickly detained 31-year-old Lacee Waers, 32-year-old Daniel Wallace, and 37-year-old Timothy Bailey who were reportedly seen running from the business. Officers determined that they were able to gain access to the building through a rear roll up door. Police say surveillance video shows two of the suspects going into the store and grabbing merchandise and than handing it to the third who was outside. All three were booked into the Shasta County Jail. Timothy Bailey is currently on parole for burglary and was also booked for a parole violation.


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