Man Arrested After Woman Reports Being Raped

A Red Bluff man has been arrested after a 28-year-old woman accused him of a savage attack against her. The woman told Red Bluff Police that she was walking on Jackson Street near Ash Street on Friday afternoon when 41-year-old Ronald Cook drove up and called her over. She recognized him and refused to get in the car with him, but he reportedly forced her to get in and spent the next three hours driving around Red Bluff trying to convince her to have sex with him. She said she refused his advances and was trying to figure out how to get away from him without making him angry. Eventually he allegedly strangled her and raped her in the car before she was able to get away and run to a nearby apartment complex. Police were called but she was too upset to tell them what happened. Officers were later called to Saint Elizabeth Hospital, where she made a report. On Sunday someone reported a suspicious vehicle under the South Jackson Street Bridge over Reeds Creek. It was Ron Cook sitting in the car, and he was arrested.


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