RPD: Probationer Car Jacks San Francisco Man At City Hall

Redding Police say a carjacking victim was able to lead them to the perpetrator. A little before 6PM Friday evening, 57-year-old Antonio Sandoval of San Francisco was getting into his car at City Hall when Justin Joel Noel allegedly approached him, brandished a knife, and demanded Sandoval’s car keys. As Noel reportedly drove off in his car, Sandoval enlisted a bystander to give him a ride and follow the car. Sandoval got ahold of police on his cell phone, and guided officers until they caught up to the car at Market and Lincoln Streets. He apparently refused to pull over, but drove slowly back to City Hall, where officers boxed him in. He wouldn’t surrender and there was a brief standoff and a struggle before Noel was taken into custody. He was already on probation for assault with a deadly weapon, and he was booked into jail for carjacking, robbery, exhibiting a weapon, evading police and resisting police.


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