The Latest: Coroner ID’s Drowning Victim As Anderson Man

The body of an apparent drowning victim has been recovered from the Sacramento River by the Shasta County Sheriff’s Dive Team, and the man’s name has been released. Shortly after 2 O’clock Sunday afternoon, 31-year-old Michael Kenneth Erickson was at Anderson River Park and he wanted to get to the other side of the river, where his friend had a broken down jet ski. Erickson attempted to swim across the river, but he got about halfway across and began to go under. He started back to shore and yelled for help. After going under and resurfacing a few times, he was not seen again. Someone in a drift boat tried to rescue him but could not reach him in time. The recovery was a dangerous one, with the swift current and underwater obstacles. Erickson was found on the riverbed a little south of where he had last been seen. His family has been notified.


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