Barstow Man Arrested After Woman Reports Hours-Long Beating

A woman may have saved her own life by making a surreptitious 9-1-1 call Wednesday morning while traveling through Tehama County. Dispatch got the call at 7:17AM but the caller didn’t speak. An agitated male voice could be heard in the background. The cell phone was tracked to the south end of Tehama-Vina Road near Highway 99. When a deputy went to check it out he found a car pulling a pop-up travel trailer parked with a severely battered woman in the passenger seat. The driver, 44-year-old Kenneth Allen Pylant Jr. of Barstow, was detained. The two were apparently traveling from Redding to Arizona. The woman said over the previous several hours she had been punched in the face and head more than 50 times, and had been choked to unconsciousness. She also said Pylant told her he was going to kill her as he pulled off onto the dirt portion of Tehama-Vina Road, and that she tried to escape several times, only to be pulled back into the car. She said that while on the side of Highway 99 south of Los Molinos, several people drove by who may have witnessed her being beaten. The victim was taken to Saint Elizabeth Hospital to be treated for her injuries. Pylant was booked into jail for charges including torture and kidnapping, with bail set at $1,100,000.


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