Update: Rechargeable Batteries Spark House Fire

A house in East Redding was damaged by a fire Thursday that could be seen by many drivers on Churn Creek Road and beyond. The fire broke out on the rear of 836 Springer Drive at around Noon. Crews had it under control within about 10 minutes, according to Redding Fire Battalion Chief Jason Foley. Most of the damage is on the back side of the house. It destroyed a bedroom and it burned through the attic as well. Leon Devoid was hired by the residents to help them move. He says after living there for 35 years, Thursday was the last time they would see the house. He says one resident was already in Carmichael, where they’re moving. The other resident was just getting his truck loaded to head out of town and join her. The cause of the fire was determined to be rechargeable batteries used for construction tools, which failed, ignited and spread. Damage is estimated at $100,000 for the house and another $10,000 to the contents.


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