Boater Helps Pull Fishermen From The Swift Current Of The Sacramento River

Three men had to be rescued from the Sacramento River Monday afternoon. Two men from San Jose and one from Rocklin had an inflatable raft with a rowing frame attached. They dropped their anchor near the Highway 44 Bridge so they could do some fishing. The current is strong in that channel, so when the anchor stopped the boat from moving, the push of the current caused the raft to sink lower, and water began coming over the sides. The men tried to free the anchor but it was too late and the boat capsized, throwing the men into the water. They had life jackets in the boat, but they weren’t wearing them. Fortunately Doug Alcorn was on the river in his drift boat and he saw what was happening. He moved his boat into position and got all three of the wet cold men aboard. He then helped them save their boat. By the time Redding Police and Fire, the CHP and the Sheriff’s Boating Unit got there, the rescue was complete.


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