Public Safety Agencies Pause To Remember Fallen Law Enforcement Officers

Even though Shasta County’s annual peace officer memorial ceremony can’t be held on the courthouse steps this year, the fallen officers can still be honored. The ceremony usually happens on the second Thursday in May. There are sixteen members of Shasta County law enforcement who have died in the line of duty since 1885. The last fallen officer in the county was Deputy Ken Perrigo, murdered in 1991 by two men he was transporting to jail from Burney for public intoxication. They were caught in Fall River Mills after an intense manhunt. In 2012 a bridge in Burney was dedicated to Deputy Perrigo. Also that year the Highway 44 bridge over Bear Creek was dedicated to Deputy Dennis “Skip” Sullivan, who crashed and died while en route to an emergency call in Inwood in 1987. In 2014 the North Market Street Bridge was named for Redding Police Officer Owen “Ted” Lyon, who was killed in 1967 by a domestic violence suspect on Gilbert Street. Highway 273 south of Redding is the George Redding Memorial Highway. He was a CHP Officer killed in 1977 when he responded to a crash involving a telephone pole. He was out of his car when a passing vehicle hit the downed line, causing it to whip around Officer Redding’s ankles and throw him to the ground. Public safety agencies will quietly observe the memories of the officers by pausing, honoring and paying homage to those who fell in the line of duty.


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