Public Health Urges Attendees Of Cottonwood Rodeo To Be Tested For COVID-19

Shasta County Public Health Officials say the Cottonwood Rodeo put the community at extremely high risk of Covid spread and jeopardized the county’s economic recovery after it attracted an unregulated crowd of around 2,000. That apparently prompted the Governor to threaten a delay of an expanded stage 2 opening. Sheriff Eric Magrini had said his office would not enforce the ban on large crows specifically for the Cottonwood Rodeo after organizers said they would enforce guidelines themselves concerning wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. The enormous turnout for the event made such enforcement impossible in such a small arena. Shasta County Public Health Officer Doctor Karen Ramstrom and H.H.S. Director Donnell Ewert are strongly urging everyone who attended the rodeo to get tested before exposing themselves to any more people. Ewert told the Board of Supervisors Tuesday that getting tested is how attendees can make amends to the community. Appointments can be made at .


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