Police Search For Driver Of Stolen Car That Crashed Into Auto Dealer

Redding Police are looking for a car thief who crashed, leaving behind his injured passenger. The 2006 Honda Accord was stolen from a home on South Street Sunday night. Just before Midnight the victim heard his backdoor close, then heard his car being started and driven out of the garage. At around 5AM Monday a Redding Police Officer tried to pull over the car at Jack-In-The-Box but the driver fled at high speed from Buenaventura Boulevard onto Highway 273, headed north on South Market Street at 100 miles an hour. The officer did not take chase because of dangerous conditions. At some point he dropped off a passenger and then sped away again. At around 5:30AM the stolen Honda was found crashed into West Coast Auto Sales, which is under construction on Pine Street. There was major damage to the car and the building. 63-year-old Marcus Lego was in the passenger seat injured. He was taken to Mercy Hospital. He said he could not identify the driver, described as an Asian man with long black hair.


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