Supervisors To Vote On Revised Hemp Ordinance

Shasta County’s hemp ordinance is being revisited by the Board of Supervisors. A moratorium is currently in place prohibiting any activities involving the cultivation of industrial hemp, which is a non-psychoactive cousin of cannabis. Prior to it’s prohibition in the mid 20th century, practically every rope and sail in history was made from hemp. The board discussed the issue at its May 5th meeting and asked staff to draw up a new ordinance that would permit indoor cultivation and processing of industrial hemp nursery stock and micro-greens, but would still prohibit cultivation or processing of mature plants, either indoor or outdoor. The board will vote on the ordinance at Tuesday’s meeting. Trinity County also has a moratorium on industrial hemp cultivation, but for altogether different reasons. There’s a robust and lucrative legal cannabis industry in Trinity County, and if hemp is allowed anywhere near cannabis gardens it can cross-pollinate, causing the cannabis plants to go to seed and be virtually worthless.


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