Public Health Urges Caution As More Businesses Re-Open

Public health says the community should still be cautious, with no non-essential travel, no gatherings, and the use of masks while out in public. They also encourage everyone to get tested. 2,942 tests have shown negative results in Shasta County. Anyone, even with no symptoms, can get tested for free at a Covid testing station at Shasta College or at the Red Bluff Community Center or at Corning High School. If insurance doesn’t cover the cost, the state will. Appointments must be made online at

The Governor’s Office says we could move into phase three within a few weeks if all goes well. The state has announced that in addition to the businesses already open, Shasta County may now allow office space and counseling services in churches, and curbside libraries are permitted as well. The Mount Shasta Mall opened Monday, but not the big anchor stores. Macy’s and J.C.Penney remain closed. Lots of information, including on what closures have been lifted, can be found at


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