Residents Urged To Sign Up For “Code Red” Emergency Alerts

With fire season upon us, Shasta County public safety agencies are encouraging people to sign up for a free emergency notification system. The Code Red System doesn’t suffer the drawbacks of some other notification systems, such as FEMA warnings which are broadcast to every cell phone in range of a certain tower. This can cause many people to evacuate when they don’t need to, causing gridlock and unnecessary mishaps. In contrast, the “Community Notification System” only sends alerts to the streets, neighborhoods or communities that are actually in the path of danger. The system will automatically contact all landline phones in a specified area, but they can’t reach cell phones unless they’re registered with the system. The only information needed is an address, cell phone number and service provider, and up to four numbers can be registered with each address. It’s totally free to sign up and it can easily be done online at by clicking on the “Code Red” icon at the bottom of the page.


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