Shasta County Coronavirus Task Force Disbanded

The Unified Command for the Coronavirus crisis in Shasta County has been disbanded. As of last Friday, the authority now rests solely with the Department of Health and Human Services. Public health officials Wednesday said they would be very hesitant to cite, fine or arrest anybody for violating the ban on social gatherings. Dozens of protesters crowded outside the Board of Supervisor’s meeting Tuesday morning and used a bullhorn to disrupt the meeting as they demanded the lifting of restrictions. On Wednesday, H.H.S. Director Donnel Ewert pointed out that the orders are coming from Sacramento, and Shasta County has not made any rules that exceed what’s been mandated by the state. He says everyone should voluntarily use cautions like social distancing and wearing masks because the sooner the threat of virus passes, the sooner the private sector can get back to business. Ewert adds that hair salons and barbershops, churches, schools and many other businesses could be given the green light by the end of the month. Other businesses, such as gyms, are definitely in a higher risk group. Waterworks Park has canceled its plans to open this weekend.


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