Man Rescued After Boat Capsizes On Lake Shasta

A Cottonwood man fortunately escaped injury when his pontoon boat unfortunately flipped over on Lake Shasta. Thursday afternoon 66-year-old Timothy Kearney left Digger Bay on his 28-foot Kayot pontoon boat and headed to the Pit Arm of the lake to explore. His engine stopped running and the wind blew his boat onto the rocky shoreline and ran him aground. He got the engine running again and then managed to get the boat back on the water. As he headed back toward Digger Bay he was underway for about 10 minutes when the boat started leaning over to the port side. He figured that he had punctured one of the pontoons when the boat ran aground. The lean kept getting more severe before he could reach the shoreline until the boat capsized about 300 feet from shore. He wasn’t wearing a life jacket, but he crawled onto the upside down boat until someone picked him up and gave him a ride to Silverthorn. Sheriff’s Boating Deputies picked up Kearney and took him back to the boat, which they towed to shore to be salvaged later.


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