RPD: Man Picks Fight, Assaults Police K9 After High Speed Chase

A Redding Police K9 took down a man Saturday night who had reportedly been looking for a fight. At 10PM officers were called to McDonald’s in the Target Center, where a man in a black Volkswagen Jetta had driven up to 57-year-old Kathryn Ebert and 64-year-old Bruce Ebert in the parking lot and tried to pick a fight with Bruce, even trying to pull him into the car through the passenger side window. As the couple tried to escape in their car, the Jetta driver rammed their driver’s side 3 times before speeding away. 15 minutes later a group of young adults were eating near Taco Bell in the Winco lot when the same man tried to pick a fight with them. At 11:11PM, an officer saw a matching Jetta back at the McDonald’s and a high speed chase began. Other officers joined the pursuit until the driver stopped the car off Old Alturas Road near Salmon Creek and took off on foot. He couldn’t outrun Hank the K9. When officers caught up they found 27-year-old Jacob Wiley being held in the jaws of Hank. Wiley had three golf-ball sized rocks in his hand that he was using to beat the dog in the face. He continued to resist with the human officers. After a trip to the hospital, Wiley was booked into jail on several felonies.


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