RPD: 3 Men Arrested For Shooting Into Sacramento River

Three men were arrested overnight after a drunken decision to fire their guns into the Sacramento River, according to police. Shortly after Midnight officers responded to calls of shots fired. 24-year-old Max Killingsworth of Redding, 25-year-old Keith Staudinger of American Canyon and 24-year-old Nickolas Nowling of Napa were found walking. They said they were walking home to avoid driving drunk after drinking at an unnamed bar, although all the bars are still closed. They told police they were on the Market Street Bridge when they pulled out their pistols and fired multiple shots into the river. Killingsworth had a concealed Glock 9, Staudinger had a concealed high point compact 9 millimeter and Nowling was reportedly carrying LSD. All three were booked into jail.


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