Public Health Acknowledges Gyms Are Re-Opening Against State Orders

Shasta County Health and Human Services Director Donell Ewert acknowledges that some gym owners have opened in defiance of the rules, and that it’s unfair to those who are in compliance. He says fitness gyms are inherently dangerous for disease spread but the county has no intention of enforcement beyond hoping that they choose to do the right thing. County Health Officer Doctor Karen Ramstrom says she has provided the state with suggestions on how such facilities could take steps in reducing the danger of infection. Gyms, nail salons, movie theaters, bars and a number of other businesses are awaiting stage 3 for clearance to open, unless the governor allows that to happen early in some counties, such as was done with hair salons and barber shops after Doctor Ramstrom achieved a variance for Shasta County.

Officials are encouraging everyone to get tested. 4,669 tests have shown negative results in Shasta County. Anyone, even with no symptoms, can get tested for free at a Covid testing station at Shasta College or at the Red Bluff Community Center or at Corning High School. If insurance doesn’t cover the cost, the state will. Appointments must be made online at


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