Man Sentenced To 19 Year For Beating RPD Officers

A 30-year-old man has been formally sentenced for beating up several Redding Police Officers on the Shasta College campus. On April 23rd of last year David Wuco was on campus after being told he had to stay away. Campus security wanted to serve him with papers documenting his ban from the campus and Redding Police were called to assist. They escorted Wuco to a small room at the security office, and that’s where Wuco pummeled the officers, sending three of them to the hospital with serious injuries. Two of them needed surgery and rehabilitation and couldn’t return to the force for months. Wuco pleaded no contest last November to three counts of assault with great bodily injury on a police officer, plus two special allegations and a prior strike. He’s been sentenced to 19 years 4 months in state prison, and he must serve at least 85% of that before being eligible for parole.


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