Hundreds Peacefully Protest In Front Of Shasta County Courthouse

The postponing of a protest planned for Tuesday night in East Redding seemed only to have the effect of splitting protesters into different locations. A local group called “Shasta County Beloved Community” had been partnering with the Redding Police Department to lead a peaceful demonstration involving a march that was to begin at the Kohl’s department store. One reason for the postponement is that a number of Shasta County law enforcement agencies had been diverted to an officer involved shooting in Cottonwood. About two dozen protesters showed up at Kohl’s with signs and lined the sidewalk on Browning Street. They were nearly outnumbered by counter-protesters. At city hall on Cypress Avenue about 150 “Black Lives Matter” protesters gathered. When confronted by flagwaving challengers they knelt and sang the national anthem. Police Chief Bill Schueller walked out among the sparse crowd and engaged them in conversation. He shared their frustration but would not take a knee when asked to do so by chanting demonstrators. The really big crowd amassed on Court Street. Numbering perhaps 5 to 800 or more, the crowd shut down the street for several hours and eventually chanted pro-Redding-police messages to a wall of riot gear equipped officers, some of whom then joined the protesters in a march of solidarity down the street. Despite some minor scuffles and exchanges of harsh words, there were no reports of major violence.


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