4-Year-Old Girl Rescued After Falling 70 Feet Down A Cliff

A very young and vulnerable child was saved in a harrowing rescue from a cliffside in Redding Wednesday. At 11:20AM Redding Police were sent to the area of Trinity and East Streets on a report of a missing 4-year-old autistic child. Several officers began searching the area and Corporal Jon Sheldon soon located the little girl, who had fallen off the cliff at the end of East Street and was entangled in thick berry bushes about 70 feet down. Corporal Sheldon and Officer Loe Labbe climbed down the cliffside and Labbe was able to secure the child, but could not climb back up with her. Redding Fire Department helped get both the officer and the girl back to the top, guided by an RPD drone. The child suffered minor injuries and was taken into protective custody. The parents will face child endangerment charges.


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