Many Businesses Are Opening Without State Approval

Some Shasta County gyms and fitness clubs have opened, and Waterworks Park plans to open this Friday after delaying their usual Memorial Day season opening. Health and Human Services Director Donnell Ewert has reiterated that gyms and the water park do not have permission by the state to open. Still, enforcement is not something that any local public officials have shown they’re willing to do.

The only social gatherings currently permitted are limited church services and public protests. People are advised to wear face coverings in public, but many who participated in recent protests did not. Public health says anyone who attended the recent protests is strongly encouraged to get tested, which can be done for free at a Covid testing station at Shasta College or at the Red Bluff Community Center or at Corning High School. If insurance doesn’t cover the cost, the state will. Appointments must be made online at 5,349 tests have shown negative results in Shasta County. Guidance for businesses to reopen can be found at


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