Red Bluff Man Rescued From Fast Moving Clear Creek

The dangers of the Clear Creek Gorge should not be underestimated, according to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. Just before 3 O’clock Wednesday afternoon a Red Bluff man had to be rescued. 38-year-old Matthew Ramey was swimming in the creek with some other adults and some children when he saw one of the kids appeared to be caught in the current and was about to be swept downstream into the gorge, which is a wild and dangerous stretch of Clear Creek with fast moving rapids, jagged rocks and high steep rock walls on both sides. Ramey jumped in to save the child, but he then got swept down the creek while the child was able to make it to shore. Ramey was carried through some rapids but was able to grab onto a rock in the middle of the creek and pull himself up. He waited for help until he was hoisted to safety by a CHP helicopter. He had some scrapes but was otherwise fine. The sheriff’s office recommends life jackets for that area of Clear Creek.


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