DNA Proves Man’s Claims Killing Was In Self Defense

A Corning man has been cleared of murder just as his trial was being prepared. The Tehama County Sheriff’s Department was called the morning of October 24th of last year to a location on Olive Road in Corning. Deputies arrived to find 45 year old Claybern Rudy Lozano, who had been slain with a shotgun blast. Three people were detained and questioned, including the man who pulled the trigger, 48-year-old Jason Neil Young. He’s been in jail ever since with bail set at a Million Dollars. Young claimed that Lozano was violently forcing his way into the house and he shot him in self-defense out of fear for his life. Investigators said the evidence didn’t support that claim, and a preliminary hearing was held where Young was ordered to stand trial for murder. The investigation was ongoing and recent DNA testing showed that Lozano’s blood was on the curtains inside Young’s home. That was enough to convince prosecutors that the killing was, in fact, justified and the case has been dropped.


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