Update: Coroner ID’s Man Who Died After Bizarre Incident In Downtown Redding

A man died in police custody after a bizarre encounter in Downtown Redding early Tuesday morning, and video of the incident has been released. Redding Police were called to the Americana Modern Motel on Market Street at 1:09AM on a report of a woman screaming. When officers arrived they found a man in excess of 400 pounds on the 2nd story balcony. The coroner has identified him as 37-year-old Morgan James Davis of Cottonwood. He was naked from the waist down and bleeding from his arm. Officers convinced him to come down the stairs and into the parking lot. Davis charged at the officers, then retreated and began biting his arms and tearing flesh away. Police say Davis spit chunks of his flesh onto the ground. He would not comply with their commands to stay on the ground and allow them to handcuff him. Multiple officers used physical control holds, a Taser, a less-lethal shotgun-fired bean bag round, a K9, and numerous baton strikes before they were able to get Davis cuffed. Medical help was waiting nearby and Davis was placed on his side as paramedics began treating him. He remained alert and was communicating with medical staff as he was taken by ambulance to Shasta Regional Medical Center. He arrived at 1:43AM and began to have medical difficulties. He was pronounced dead at 2:15AM. No one was found Davis’s room and police were unable to determine if the woman heard screaming was ever there. They did report finding Methamphetamine, Cocaine, LSD and prescription medications, as well as an open knife with blood on it. The original 911 caller had witnessed the encounter with officers and had livestreamed the entire incident on Facebook. The graphic video has been posted to the Redding Police Facebook page. Five RPD Officers have been placed on paid administrative leave while the incident is under investigation by the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office.


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