Man Who Brutally Assaulted Woman Sentenced

An Anderson man has pleaded guilty in a brutal domestic violence case. The series of crimes first came to the attention of Anderson Police on Halloween when the victim was being treated in the emergency room of Shasta Regional Medical Center. She had been severely beaten with multiple facial injuries, a broken hand and pain all over her body. The APD began investigating the victim’s ex-boyfriend, 34-year-old Ashley Heath Chancellor. The victim said he had beaten her many times at her home on Toyon Street in Anderson. In July or August he pinned her down, said he would kill her and sliced her shoulder open with a hatchet. Another time he woke her at 4:30AM and whipped her with a large bullwhip, then wrapped it around her neck and dragged her back when she tried to flee, repeatedly choking her, punching her, and putting his hands down her throat when she screamed saying he would pull out her vocal cords. Chancellor forced the victim to remain in the home for several days after each beating so that friends and neighbors would not see evidence of her injuries. When Chancellor was arrested and interviewed in December he told detectives that he could have done the things he was accused of but didn’t know because he was blacked out. On Monday he agreed to a plea deal that will give him a sentence of 8 years in prison.


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